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Free Solar Panels in Colorado: Myth Busting With Namaste Solar

Publish Date: July 13th, 2023

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no such thing as free solar panels, Colorado. We’re guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen the ads about free solar and are curious about how that works. Sadly, we have to tell you that those are misleading marketing tactics used by companies that might not be putting their customer’s best interests first.

Now for the good news! The concept the free solar ads are referring to is going solar with zero money down – an incentive a lot of companies, including us, offer. And we’re going to keep the good news coming… you can also save thousands of dollars with solar and take advantage of great tax credits and incentives after installation. Solar might not be free, but it is a really good investment regardless!

Why are the ads I’ve been seeing promising free solar?

These ads are trying to bait people with the promise of free solar and disguising the truth in the fine print. Often, these ads are from national contractors who don’t want you to get a bid from a local solar company like us. And they are successful! Who wouldn’t be interested in free solar panels for their home? Everyone wants to feel like they are getting the best deal, so of course it’s easy to get caught up in the lofty promises of free solar or a little-known secret to save money on solar.

Myth #1: You can get “free solar panels” or go solar with “no cost.”

Reality check: Once you click on these ads, you’ll find that the no cost solar is actually $0 down financing. This is something that most installers, including us, will offer. We have multiple financing offers through different lenders so that you can go solar without any money up front and start building equity in your solar system now.


Myth #2: You can get paid to go solar.

Reality check: Companies are not going to write you a check for the full cost of a solar system, but there are plenty of incentives to go solar. The biggest one is the 30% federal tax credit, which is available to any homeowner that installs solar. This is no secret, and no one is trying to hide this tax credit. Namaste Solar has been installing solar in Colorado since 2005; we know the ins and outs of solar in our state, and we’ll make sure you get all the incentives you are eligible for.

Myth #3: Companies offering free solar know a “secret” that other installers don’t want you to know about.

Reality check: They’re just trying to reel us in – hook, line, and sinker!! As exciting as it may be to learn a secret, saving money with solar really isn’t that mysterious. The hardest part is picking an installer you trust that has the expertise to install a quality solar panel system for your home. Overall, solar is a smart move – it’s a home renovation that actually gives you a financial return.

Even Though Solar Isn’t Free, Don’t be Discouraged!

We know that free solar panels sounded like a great deal, but when you dig a little deeper you realize it’s really just unfair marketing tactics. While free solar panels in Colorado is a myth, that doesn’t change the huge impact solar can make on your electric bill and on the environment. Besides, even if solar isn’t free up front… it does pay for itself over time!

If you want to go solar, we’re the top Colorado solar installer for a number of reasons: we’re fully local, we’re 100% employee-owned, we’re a Certified B Corp, and we’ve been doing this since 2005 (so we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when solar is the right fit for your home). A quote from Namaste Solar comes with all the information you need to make an informed decision, zero pressure, and no misleading tactics.