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We'll Talk You Out of Solar

Publish Date: December 6th, 2022

Blog Updated: November 2023

Yep, you read that right. If your roof isn’t a good fit for solar or if the numbers don’t line up for your home, we’ll be the first (and likely only) company to tell you that. As a company that prioritizes people over profit, we give our solar experts the freedom to be honest with customers and to do their jobs without the added stress of having to meet a certain sales quota every month. It also means that we make sure our customers receive honest advice and are able to make informed decisions for themselves and their home.

What do our solar advisors say?

We try to treat people like people in everything that we do, and that starts with the people on our team. By taking away the sales quota and commissions, we allow our solar advisors to talk honestly to people getting quotes from us. We are creating an environment where our solar advisors feel empowered to provide accurate and honest information to set our customers up with all the knowledge they need to make a decision about solar.

“I’m here to figure out what your solar goals are, provide the most accurate estimates, and present the information to see if it makes sense for your home,” says Anna Perry, Co-Owner and Residential Sales & Design Specialist. “We tell you honestly how much energy the solar system can produce for your home, and if that’s not within your goals, we’re not going to over promise production just to make a sale.”

A lot of other solar companies pay their salespeople by the panel, so the more panels they talk a homeowner into, the more money they make. Namaste Solar made the conscious decision to utilize a different sales model – one with the customer at the very center. This allows us to design the right system for our customers.

“Our goal is to be as accurate as possible and set good expectations for what they’re getting,” says Luke Simmons, another Co-Owner and Residential Sales & Design Specialist. “Sometimes people compare quotes and ask why our solar production estimates are slightly lower. It’s usually because we included a shade analysis whereas other companies might not. We do our due diligence up front to set realistic expectations. All we can do is be honest and explain it the best we can.”

What do our customers say?

At Namaste Solar, one of our core values is long-term thinking. We prioritize long-term over short-term thinking by intentionally considering how our decisions impact all our stakeholders. Part of this means that we don’t try to push a sale when we know the numbers don’t line up for a homeowner. A quick sale isn’t worth the negative impact it could have on that individual or family.

This might mean we don’t make a sale, like in Diego’s case: “My roof was too shady and small to cover more than 30% of my bill. Anna knew that they were most likely not going to be able to sell me their panels but still took the time to come out and have a sit down. The other companies quoted me some outlandish stuff and the reviews show why there are so many people bummed with the final result.”

Or maybe we do make the sale, but we let the customer influence the system based on their personal goals. For Paul’s home, that meant a larger system than we normally would recommend: “Namaste Solar was awesome. They walked us through the entire process and were very open about how pricing would work for the system I wanted. They even tried to talk me out of a bigger system since it was less efficient, but they built the one I wanted. I appreciate their communication and the clean work that they did.”

And of course, long-term thinking includes being there as a long-term partner for our customers. One of our customers experienced a disaster at their home that left them unable to live in their home and in need of repairs, which meant their system had to come down. Here is what they had to say about the experience: “From the first call for help, [Namaste Solar] assembled their team and came up with several solutions to our unique situation. Once we decided on a course of action, they made sure the PV system was quickly removed from our home so the other contractors could do their work. They tested and reinstalled the system afterwards, working around the other dozen or so contractors at the time. I can't stress this enough - Namaste cares what happens. The people are amazing! … Go with a company who actually cares about you, your house, and your family.”

People First Approach

For over 18 years, our priority has been putting people first – from our employees to our customers to our community. We’re really proud to be a local company providing top value installations and trustworthy service.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen us as their solar partner along the way – both homeowners and commercial partners alike. When you go solar with Namaste Solar, you are not only investing in a solar system, you are also investing in a company that is local, employee-owned, invested in community, and deeply committed to providing high quality service. If you want to see what solar could look like for your home, reach out and say hi!

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