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How Namaste Solar’s Vertical Integration Provides Customer Satisfaction

At Namaste Solar, our ability to coordinate our efforts across departments using vertical integration to deliver a turnkey solar solution is one of the key factors that differentiates us from the competition. Each department works together to provide a seamless experience for customers. We’re not only committed to using business as a force for good, but also providing stability for our employees and customers. Therefore, we have adopted a unique vertical integration business model.

Our vertical integration model is designed to offer expertise, peace of mind, and consistency to our residential and commercial customers, starting from their initial solar consultation, through their installation and long after, providing operational and maintenance support.

Longevity in the Industry

The solar industry has faced a variety of challenges throughout its history, which we like to refer to as the “solar coaster.” Among them is the step down of the federal solar tax credit, import tariffs and COVID-19. A 15-year veteran in the industry, Namaste Solar is one of the longest-running solar companies in the business. To maintain that longevity, we have incorporated nearly every facet of the solar industry (except for manufacturing) into our business.

We have dedicated home solar; commercial and industrial; community solar, project development, commercial scale engineering, procurement, and construction; operations and maintenance; design and consulting; residential service; and deinstallation/reinstallation teams.

As a result of this vertical integration, our revenue-generating capacity is diverse which allows us to avoid relying on one specific segment of our business too heavily. We are here to stay and built to successfully ride the solar coaster.

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Vertical Integration Closes the Loop

An important aspect of how we do business using vertical integration is closing the loop. As a company, we’re involved in the design, installation, and servicing of both residential and commercial solar arrays. This holistic approach means we understand how to select the right equipment and engineer projects that deliver maximum value, how to install a quality system that is built to last, and how to avoid the pitfalls experienced by systems installed by our competitors that we have serviced.

Projects often span multiple departments, and our customers benefit from working with teams that have standards and processes that align and intersect. For example, a commercial client may work with Namaste Solar on a feasibility study. That study will then go to our design team, and finally, it will go to our installation crews. Having these three separate phases completed under one roof simplifies the process and ensures consistency and quality. The interconnection of these phases creates maximum continuity, reduces the chance for miscommunication and error, saves the customer money.

“We design buildable solar because we build solar,” said Stephen Kane, Co-Owner and Senior Consulting Services Manager. “We learn what things don’t work. We have a service department that navigates the pain and joys of new equipment, helping us to vet new products.”

For instance, after you’ve had your solar panels installed, Namaste Solar offers on demand service and long-term operations and maintenance plans. This way, you won’t have to go to a different company to get your system fixed if there is ever an issue. You can go to the company that knows your solar system the best – the company that designed and installed it.

Employee Career Paths

At Namaste Solar, another aspect of our vertical integration is our employee career paths. It’s common for employees to transition to and grow with different teams and departments. As a result, many of the folks that work here understand various aspects of the solar industry intimately. They can bring that expertise to the other departments they work in, offering important perspectives to their work they might not have had otherwise.

“There is value in having career opportunities mapped through our company that save our customers missteps and mistakes,” said Stephen. “It builds a lifetime of experience in the industry.”

For example, Co-Owner and Project Development Designer Arthur Hicks started off as a commercial installer, then was a warehouse assistant, project management support, a residential installer, a warehouse manager, then became a residential designer before switching to commercial project designs. Arthur’s past experiences inform his current work and improves the learning of his team. This results in a better product for the customer who benefits from that industry-wide expertise.

Customer Satisfaction

Our vertical integration business model provides a much smoother experience for the customer that will streamline your solar journey while enhancing quality. Namaste Solar’s integrated expertise provides a consistent experience for customers and, most importantly, peace of mind that your system is in good hands.

To learn more about how our vertical integration approach will benefit you, talk with our residential and commercial solar experts.


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