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What Does It Mean to Work for a B Corp?

Publish Date: February 8th, 2018

Namaste Solar has a long history of doing business differently and working to build a company that is about more than just maximizing our profits. Even the name of our company, a Sanskrit word of greeting, was chosen because it recognizes the interdependence of all things. It should be no surprise then that Namaste Solar committed to becoming a Certified B Corporation in January 2011.

To become a B Corp, companies must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corporations balance the needs of their different stakeholders and consider the impact of their decisions on employees, suppliers, communities, consumers, and the environment.

What is it like to work for a B Corp? To celebrate B Corp Month, we gathered the answer to this question from a handful of the people of Namaste Solar so you can hear, in their own words, what it means to them to come to work at a place that is doing business differently.



To me there is so much value and motivation that comes from focusing on the triple bottom line because it means that not only are we working hard to ensure the financial health of our company, but that our collective hard work also greatly benefits the environment and our community.  The more success we have on all three of these fronts, the more holistic reward I receive.  The notion of carving out a career that has so many positive impacts including socially, environmentally, and financially, causes me to feely truly of proud of what it was we are doing here at Namaste Solar.     – David Henry, Director of O&M Services

Our B Corp status reassures me that our co-op is focused on holistic practices that benefit many within our chain of supply, rather than driving our decisions based on profit margins. We put people over profits, and we're committed to that being the right way to do business.    – Alyssa Soares, DC Installer

When our country’s leaders aren’t leading, others must.  Business is a powerful source of action in our culture.  B Corps take this obligation seriously.  While I am active as an independent citizen, joining with others who share my values is both energizing and adds a bit of a megaphone effect to my efforts.  B Corps are uniquely positioned to affect change and provide leadership.  I’m proud to be a part of one.    – Rick Coen, Commercial System Designer

It’s incredibly rewarding to work for a company that consistently makes responsible business decisions based on long-term and holistic thinking.  After years in traditional corporate jobs, I’m so grateful to be part of a business community that’s making a positive impact on our community at large and redefining what it means to be successful in business.    – Shamera Sandoski, Operations & Maintenance Account Manager

Working for a B Corp means I'm working for something greater than myself – that my job benefits not just the financial bottom line but society and the environment as well. It is my opportunity to be the change I wish to see in the world and that makes me exceedingly proud to play a part.    – Juan Blohm, PV Installer / Apprentice Electrician

The B Corp certification is the proof point. At Namaste Solar we like to “walk our talk,” and being a Benefit Corporation is a way to prove to ourselves and to the world we’re doing just that; we’re legally required to consider the impact of decisions on employees, suppliers, communities, consumers, and the environment. Being a B Corp pushes us to constantly improve (even beyond the recertification process). Plus, how could a co-op pass up a declaration of interdependence?    – Emily Bedenkop, Marketing Coordinator

Working for a B Corp means that I get to work for a company that aligns with my personal mission to promote positive social and environmental change within the organization, community, and world.    – Rachel Mountain, Inside Commercial Sales Coordinator

It means I get to work at something I believe in all the time instead of after work. It means caring for each other, doing what is right, improving quality of life for all.  It means I can join with many having shared values, goals, vision to better the world. It means becoming one by way of being the many, a movement that is looking beyond oneself but rather looking towards the whole, the now, the future, putting forth the energy to become a game changer for the better.  It means my beliefs have impact.    – Jane Allo, Operations & Maintenance Service Coordinator

Learn more about what a B Corp is or see Namaste Solar’s score.


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