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What Goes Into a Free Solar Quote for Your Home

Publish Date: February 5th, 2020

It’s time. You’ve been researching solar options for your home and now you’re ready to get a free solar quote.

At Namaste Solar, we understand that when you get a solar quote from us, you’re giving us some of your time, so we make sure to put in the time and effort to build you a detailed, personalized solar quote. We want you to be informed and well equipped to make a decision about solar.

Deciding Whether Solar is Right for You

When we receive your request for your free solar quote, our residential support team will first ask you a few basic questions to get started. We’ll consider the following to make sure your roof is a candidate for solar:

  • What direction your roof faces
  • The amount of shade
  • Size
  • Angle
  • What material it’s made of
  • Age

Not to worry, though. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect when it comes to each of these factors. We’re happy to talk you through our process and answer all your questions because we want you to be confident in your solar journey.

Next, our sales support team will pass along your information to our home solar advisers. They can prepare an estimate of how much solar would cost you, as well as design what a solar array would look like on your roof, and how much of your future electricity usage would be covered by solar production.

home solar proposal art 02These graphics detail where the homeowner’s solar array will most effectively be place on a house and how much solar production is created verses the homeowner’s usage.

What to Expect in Your Free Solar Quote

Once we’ve determined that your house is a good fit for solar, we’ll reach out to you with your free solar quote for your home solar array. Here’s what you can expect in your quote:

  • What a solar array would look like on your home
  • The array sized to maximize your solar production
  • An estimated average annual solar electricity production
  • Solar production vs. your amount of electrical use
  • The total cost of the system along with the lifetime value of the system
  • A payment plan if you choose to finance your system
  • Equipment warranties
  • Financial and environmental benefits of going solar
  • Incentives and rebates available to you

The size of the solar panel system is the most heavily weighted factor in determining cost. The size of your recommended system is based on your historical electricity usage and is measured in kilowatts (kW). A properly sized solar panel system will maximize your savings and increase the lifetime value of your system.

How Our Team Designs Your Solar Array

One of the most exciting parts of receiving your free solar quote is getting to see what your home would look like with solar on the roof. Our home solar advisers are not only able to provide you a cost estimate for your solar array, but also custom design a system for your roof.

Using satellite imagery and 3D models, we can give you an accurate depiction of what your home will look like with solar panels, how big your system will be, and how shade will impact the design of your solar array.

Here’s an example of some of the imagery our home solar experts create so you can see what your house will look like with solar panels before you even install them:

home solar proposal artThese graphics demonstrate the shade modeling of a house and how it will impact where the homeowner’s solar array will be placed.

What’s Next After You Get Your Solar Quote?

After you’ve gotten your free solar quote and you’re ready to move forward, it’s time for your solar adviser to visit your home. While they’re there, they will finalize the design and details of your quote and walk you through your solar proposal. This is a great time to ask any more detailed questions you might have. From there, it’s time to decide whether to sign that contract and start making a difference with solar.

Remember, you can always give us a call to talk through the specifics. Our team doesn’t work on commission, so you can be sure that our top priority is to help you understand the best option for you.


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