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Upslope Brewing Taps the Sun with Solar and Joins the B Corporation Movement

Publish Date: November 8th, 2018

The movement toward a more inclusive and sustainable economy has gained a new partner! Namaste Solar is excited to welcome Upslope Brewing, based in Boulder, CO, to the growing community of Certified B Corporations. Not only did Upslope pass the rigorous certification process to gain B Corp status, they are also utilizing clean solar energy with a new solar panel PV system installed by Namaste Solar. Add to this their recent 10th anniversary celebration, and there are plenty of reasons to raise a glass (or a can) to Upslope Brewing.

Becoming a Certified B Corporation

Though Upslope Brewing recently finished the rigorous process to become a Certified B Corporation, Matt Cutter, one of the founders of Upslope, says the company’s path was leading in that direction all along. From the beginning, Upslope was about more than the bottom line and had a bigger vision for what the company could be. “Let’s make the right decisions along the way. Let’s take care of our people. Let’s take care of our community. Let’s take care of the planet,” Cutter said. “I think it was always our philosophy and B Corp helped define it better.”

And their B Corp status isn’t the end of their efforts. Cutter sees it as a launching pad for continuing to strive for better. The B Corp assessment scores companies in four key impact areas: governance, workers, community, and environment. Each impact area is then split out into more detailed scores to show companies their areas for potential improvements. Upslope Brewing has formed committees to work on each of these areas and to boost their B Corp score when they go through the recertification process in two years.

To other companies considering pursuing B Corp status, Cutter says to do it for the right reasons. “If you’re interested in it purely for the marketing piece of it, well maybe you should pass,” he said. “If you’re looking into it to help you be the kind of company that you were hoping to be, then stick with it. Go through that initial assessment. Get a score that won’t get you there, and then make some changes and go through it again. Stick with it.”

Tapping into the Sun

As part of their commitment to B Corp ideals of social and environmental responsibility, Upslope Brewing has tapped into the power of the sun with a new commercial solar panel system. Namaste Solar recently completed installation of a 25 kW solar system on their Flatiron Park facility in Boulder, Colorado and is now working to complete details for phase two of their solar installation. Phase two will utilize the entire roof space (approximately the size of a football field) and potentially even install solar carports to further expand their solar panel system.

The Namaste Solar team was excited to learn we were going to be working with another local B Corp, and not just for the beer perks. Both Upslope and Namaste Solar have committed to a unique vision of how businesses can operate. “Upslope’s version of long-term thinking was right in line with ours,” said Sam Mason, Commercial Design Manager and designer for Upslope’s commercial solar panel system. “I like that B Corp instills long-term thinking. You’re planting a seed that only makes sense if you’re in it for the long term.”

When it came time for Upslope’s solar system to be installed, Cutter was curious to see the process and wanted to get a first glimpse of the solar PV system as the Namaste Solar crew was installing. “You bet I went up on the roof a couple of times during the installation, and I was floored,” he says. “All three [installers] came over and spent 20 minutes educating me on what they were doing, why that system was right for the building, and solar as an industry in Colorado. It was not just a group of very educated people but also very passionate about what they are doing.”

Colorado B Corporations

Congratulations to Upslope Brewing for joining the growing B Corporation movement. But did you know this movement isn’t reserved just for businesses? You’re invited to join us! Whether you are selecting a beer or researching local Colorado solar companies to do business with, you have the opportunity to vote with your dollar. Every purchase with a Certified B Corporation is your vote for a more inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone – employees, communities, and the environment. It’s a vision for a future that we are creating together. Want to join in?


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