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Harmony Cottages: Namaste Solar Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Publish Date: August 2nd, 2018

Namaste Solar is not business as usual. We’re an employee-owned B Corp that believes in using our business to create a positive impact in our communities. That is why Namaste Solar began a partnership with Habitat for Humanity in 2017 as a solar sponsor for the new Harmony Cottages community in Fort Collins, CO. Namaste Solar will be donating up to $10,000 to the project each year, and our crews will be installing solar on each of the 48 new homes in this community. Solar will help make these homes even more affordable by lowering residents’ utility bills for years to come.

Additionally, Namaste Solar has organized two employee volunteer days at Harmony Cottages so far, logging over 170 volunteer hours. Our volunteers were put to work building a porch, painting the outside of homes, finishing siding work, and completing other projects.

“Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is super fun! It’s great to see tangible results after a day of volunteering and to be involved with projects that touch on different aspects of affordable housing,” said Emily Bedenkop, Namaste Solar’s volunteer coordinator. “Their utility bills will be reduced with solar, so it helps make these homes affordable in addition to being more sustainable.”

We’ve made it our business to be an engaged member of our communities, and our volunteer and sponsorship efforts are just one piece of that effort. Taylor Ryan, one of Namaste Solar's home solar advisors, was part of the volunteer crew at Harmony Cottages this spring. “Our charitable efforts are a vital part of why I love working here. I can proudly say I work at a company that strives to improve our surrounding communities and views volunteering as an obligation of a conscientious business,” she said. “I feel grateful to support the effort to make houses into a “home” for our neighbors in Colorado.”

As part of Namaste Solar’s mission to make solar easy and accessible, Namaste Solar is taking it one step further by offering a discount to Habitat for Humanity residents, staff, and volunteers who want to install solar on their homes. Solar is a better way to power our lives, and we want more people to be able to access the cost savings benefits of solar.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers at Harmony Cottages in Fort Collins  Harmony Cottages in Fort Collins with volunteers from Namasté Solar  Harmony Cottages volunteers from Namasté Solar


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