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Maximize Your ROI with the Denver Green Building Ordinance

Publish Date: January 10th, 2019

The Denver Green Building Ordinance (formerly known as the Denver Green Roof Initiative) is now in effect, and the ordinance requirements have seen some recent updates. Check out the ordinance compliance options for new buildings and additions to existing buildings, or reach out to our team of experts at Namaste Solar. We have been tracking the changes to this ordinance and can help you navigate the requirements and exemptions to maximize your solar return on investment (ROI).

Is the Denver Green Building Ordinance in effect?

Yes! The updated Denver Green Building Ordinance was passed by Denver City Council on November 2, 2018 and is now in effect. All new permits must be compliant with the ordinance and submit the declaration form. This is true even though the ordinance is operating under draft rules and regulations until the final vote on February 15th.

Earn an attractive ROI with solar

A commercial solar panel system is the one option provided by the Denver Green Roof Ordinance that reduces your electric bill, generates a significant tax benefit, increases your property’s value, and differentiates your business. Plus, with the Colorado C-PACE Program, you can finance 100% of the project while remaining cash flow neutral or positive from day one.

The ordinance outlines minimum requirements for how much solar needs to be installed, but the smart move is to maximize your solar capacity given your (or your tenants’) electricity usage and your available roof space. Your project will benefit from economies of scale, offset additional electricity usage, and therefore earn a higher ROI. Our team at Namaste Solar will design the right-sized system for your building to maximize your solar potential and ROI while also satisfying the requirements of the Denver Green Building Ordinance.

Can I opt out?

Commercial building owners have the option of paying a fee in lieu instead of adding solar or green roof features to their rooftop. The fee, a payment to the Green Building Fund, is now $50 per square foot for the green roof space that would be required based on the ordinance. Consider that an average 200 kW solar panel system costs roughly $12 per square foot, and it becomes clear that paying the fee doesn’t make sense when you can install an asset that costs less and produces an attractive return on your investment.

Be solar ready with your new construction

If you’re planning a new building or a change to your building that will require solar or a green roof based on the Denver Green Building Ordinance, talk to our team now to be solar ready. Namaste Solar has a design consulting team to help prepare your project for solar and design an optimal solar PV system. Our team can provide a solar feasibility study or create a preliminary design package that includes an energy production model, a site plan, and electrical drawings. We can even help advise the project contractors on additional details like conduit runs, design of gas and utility lines, and the roof’s structural capacity. We are the most experienced local Front Range solar company that offers such complete solar design and consulting services.

Use C-PACE financing for all of it!

The Colorado C-PACE Program allows building owners to wrap the cost of a new roof into C-PACE financing. This means you can finance your new roof, your commercial solar panel system, and even LED or HVAC upgrades in one package. You can complete your project with no money out of pocket, be cash flow neutral or positive from day one, and help the environment at the same time.

What are my next steps?

Namaste Solar will help you maximize your ROI and make going solar hassle-free. Our team of professionals is experienced in commercial solar design as well as navigating C-PACE financing. Get started with a free consultation that includes a custom roof and site assessment, utility analysis, solar ROI report, and financing options for your project.

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