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A Quarter Million Dollars Goes a Long Way for Colorado Families

Publish Date: December 5th, 2023

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… Community is so important to us we’ve made it one of our stakeholders. One of the ways we support our community is through our Keep the Lights on Colorado campaign. Over the past four years, this campaign has raised more than $284,000 to help over 1,000 Colorado families who are struggling to afford their energy bills!

The annual month-long campaign raises money for Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC), a Denver-based not-for-profit, that utilizes community solar subscriptions and emergency bill assistance to support Colorado families struggling to afford their home energy bills. Each community solar subscription reduces a family’s monthly bill while harnessing the cost savings and environmental benefits of solar energy. Instead of worrying about paying this monthly expense, these families can put those dollars towards other wants and needs.

The success of this campaign is in large part because of our community of amazing business partners, our committed customers, and our extended network of generous individuals. This year’s Keep the Lights on Colorado campaign brought together 14 corporate sponsors and 66 individual donors to raise over $50,000 that will provide 116 families with community solar subscriptions.

As the season changes, cold temps and less daylight drive up energy demands. One in four Colorado households struggle with a high energy burden, meaning they spend a disproportionate amount of their income on energy bills.

“It is a miracle to get this relief on our utility bill,” shared the Vargas Family, a recipient of EOC’s services. “It means we can use less of our paycheck to keep the lights on. Even if it may not be much to some, it’s huge for our family!”

By making renewable energy more accessible, recipients of the community solar subscriptions gain the cost-saving benefits that come with solar energy. For every $430 raised, each family is provided a year-long subscription, which then saves them more than $900 a year on average off their electric bill because of the efficiencies of solar.

“This campaign was initially launched in 2020 at the height of the pandemic when thousands of Coloradans were facing financial uncertainty,” said Jenna Stadsvold, Co-Owner and Brand Manager at Namaste Solar. “Since energy costs have risen an extraordinary amount, many of the households who receive help from this campaign are in crisis; so, the impact of this long-term financial relief is significant. I’m really proud of the number of corporate partners and individuals we’ve been able to pull together to raise over a quarter million dollars over the last four years. As a cooperative company ourselves, we see this as one way we can come together with our broader community to help those who need it most.”

We would like to recognize the community of corporate partners and individuals who contributed this year. Special thanks to Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, the campaign’s premier sponsor with a $15,000 gift that will support 35 families with a year’s worth of community solar. Visit the campaign website to check out our other amazing sponsors!

Visit Energy Outreach Colorado to learn more about the work they do across Colorado.