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Posted by Namasté Solar on Feb 23, 2017


You can now make your transportation more sustainable when when visiting Namasté Solar's Boulder office. A two-port electric vehicle (EV) charging station is up and running in the parking lot, available for use at no charge.The station is primarily intended for use by Namasté Solar employees and customers, but can be used by the general public after hours and on weekends.

"This has long been discussed as another way to walk our talk: promoting the sustainable use of resources and lower carbon transportation options, supporting the community...and giving employees that have EVs a way to charge them during the day," said Stephen Kane, Namasté Solar's Operations and Maintenance Engineer and the driving force behind this project.

This project was completed start-to-finish by Namasté employees, including design and permitting work done by Justin Naab, facilities facilitation and installation help from Taz Romaine-Mann, and ESC support and electrical installation work by a few of our licensed electricians.

Namasté Solar was able to install the EV charging station with the help of a grant from the State of Colorado's Regional Air Quality Council, which was then partially matched by the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and Namasté Solar's Community Giving fund.

The solar PV system on the roof of Namasté Solar's Boulder office offsets part of the office's electrical usage, which will now extend to include the EV charging station. While this means that some electricity still comes from fossil fuel sources, "on balance, coal-fueled power plants emit fewer pollutants than gasoline/diesel-fueled vehicles. Of course the long-term goal is 100% renewable energy and predominantly electrified transportation systems," said Kane. Promoting lower-emission transportation like EV by facilitating vehicle charging is another way Namasté Solar is working to help people make their lives more sustainable.

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